Earth to Face

Here's a cruelty-free beauty brand list! These brands either: (1) are 100% vegan, (2) have a separated vegan section, or (3) have some vegan products for which you'll need to read ingredients lists to find. Either way, none of these brands test on animals or commission others to do so. These aren't the only ones out there, but I'll be adding more brands and removing ones if needed! 100% Vegan & Cruelty-freeAster & Bay, lip skin hair Axiology, lip Black Bird Cosmetics, eye face Black Label Cosmetics, lip (super new!

Just Waiting

Garden, Style, Clothes
Growing some flower bulbs and vines. FEET Nine West Sign Me Up Flats, $89. These flats were a gift, but they're unfortunately not vegan and sold out anyways. Luckily, I've found some very pretty non-leather/non-suede alternatives! I. Callisto Rian in faux suede, $70 II. Chinese Laundry Endless Summer in velvet, $70 III. Nine West Activista in faux leather, $40 IV. Chinese Laundry Endless Summer in velvet, $70

Fabric Fresh

Home, Review
The Laundress is an eco-friendly and cruelty-free brand that offers beautiful laundry and home products. A while ago, I did some PR work with the brand and received a little bit of credit, and this lovely spray was one of the things I grabbed! Their Fabric Fresh spray in Classic scent for freshening and deodorizing. It smells like THE very epitome of that wondrous clean laundry smell. Ingredients are deionized water, alcohol, essential oils, and fragrance! Lily of the valley Jasmine Sweet musk Sandalwood & A touch of citrusNatural, vegan, nontoxic,

Venus Verticordia

Beauty, Review, Eyes
The Lime Crime Venus palette bundle is a classical Botticelli painting for your eyes. Venus II also recently won a NYLON Beauty Award for the Best Medium Eyeshadow Palette of 2016, so they are both currently back in stock! "As they affectingly softened the hearts of onlookers, Venus still more affectingly began to gently stir herself; with gradual, lingering steps, restrained swaying of the hips, and slow inclination of the head she began to advance, her refined movements matching the soft wounds of the flutes. Occasionally her eyes alone would

Young Maleficent

Style, Craft
Young woodsy Maleficent for Hallow's Eve! I didn't want to spend much on my costume, so I made my horns and wings from scratch. I had most of the materials lying around already and all that was left to buy were the feathers and a headband. I only spent $23 and it took 4-5 days to put everything together. I didn't have time to put my face together because I was helping set up Radha's party, heh. A friend thought I spent hundreds of dollars on my costume, but nope!

Plant Brains

Garden, Lithops
Halloween is coming up and Lithops plants are pretty spoopy. They're so low-maintenance that it's confusing and they're not very forgiving either. My first Lithops was already squishy when I got it, and I thought I could nurture it but it doesn't work that way. Dead. SPRING Water once the old leaves have withered SUMMER Water ONLY when wrinkled (heat ≠ growth) AUTUMN Water until flowering is done or new leaves start WINTER Do NOT water while new leaves are emerging The "parent" plant of these two was plump and tall