Diary, Personal
My oddities, based on the cosmic bodies. Below is what I've gathered, tailored to what I feel the most, complemented by Ellias Lonsdale's "Inside Degrees". Aˢᶜ ᴘᴇʀsᴏɴᴀʟɪᴛʏ ♍ VIRGO RISING (0°) "A volcano erupting at night." Virgo Rising is so shy in new situations that I may find myself uninteresting and dull, but I really just need time to warm up. I am curious of everything around me and can absorb huge amounts of information, including the discomfort and health of my own body. I am detail-oriented and a magnet to those in need, yet reluctant to take credit. This usually causes me to feel inferior due to being overly modest. I can adapt to change but it depends on my

Shroom and Buffy

Beauty, Lips
Lime Crime's cruelty-free and vegan Velvetines last perfectly for a few hours and does pretty well withstanding a meal. So its longevity isn't godly, but it's alright. Like most matte liquids, they do get crumbly as they dry, so hydrate yourself and DON'T STAY THIRSTY! At the same time they do moisturize my lips! Plus, the formula tastes like icing. Shroom and Buffy. Shroom ("90's brown") is a caramel orange. On me, it's more subtle than I predicted, but if my lips were permanently this color... girl, heeey. It's a beautiful neutral color if you have olive skin, and it would definitely stand out nicely on lighter skin as well! Buffy ("buff nude") is an ashy soft pink on my

Walnut Revival

Beauty, Skin
If your skin is craving some creamy walnut and cacao goodness, look no further! Era Organics is just a small company but they're probably my favorite skin care brand. Their Complete Moisturizer has been a repeat choice in our artillery for a while now. And these days, I've been obsessing over their NEW Revive Microdermabrasion Scrub & Mask! REVIVE looks like a fluffy ganache that smells of honey, nuts, and yogurt altogether.COMPLETE is like whipped ice cream with a chocolatey scent, thanks to cacao butter. Era Organic's REVIVE MICRODERMABRASION is my new favorite. It leaves no residue and is very hydrating, especially when used as a mask! As a scrub, I massage it into my skin for a minute